Sunday, June 13, 2010

tourism placeses in nepal

Shaurayaha toyrism placeses shauraha tourism placeses

Shaurayaha tourism placeses is located in chitdwan district ,narayanizone nepal it is very popular national and intarnationailly .it is in chitwan national park near shauraha we can see big forest there are we can see different of animal and bird .
Shauraha is populer abaut in international elephant race every year many national and intarnational rider visit her to do compitation .
compiteator are non visit her her visit larg amountd of tourist visit her and see chitwan nationalpark different kinds of animal like deer, elephant rhino, tiger and other animal and bird .
other tourist are also get change and enjoy here are different kind of elephant somee are small and some are .
please dose not forget visit and get change to ride elephant and enjoy with naturalrecorces.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Muktinath tourism place

In nepal there are many tourism placeses and relagaious placeses among thenm muktinath is one popular relagaious placeses which is popular national and intarnationally.
muktinath tample is located in mustang ditrict dhaulagree zone nepal . it is very far then kathmandu .nearly it is 400km then kathmandu but it is very popular many national and intarnational tourist visit every year .
muktinath tample is not famous for hindu person it is giv the old person and old caltures imformation .
From muktinath we can see diffrent kinds of himal like dhaulagree , annapurna ,kanchangangja, etc.....................................
you get imformation abaut muktinath how can we go muktinatg ?
we are in kathmandu then we start our jorny by bus and by plane . if you go by bus we can pass diffrent placeses like manakamana gorkha pekhara which is secon largest city in nepal and popular tourism placeses ,sanga ,megdi etc......from magdi beni we can not go by bus from magdi we should go on foot . while hiking we can get inter tedment whith natural things and natural placeses like mountan ,big hill importent tree and other after walking 1day we reach manakamana also we coan eat speciol nepali food also n.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

tourism places in magdi

magdi is far from kathmandu but here are many tourism placeses . many national and intarnational tourist visit her every year .
spesally tourist visit her for hiking beacouse it is remot rimot area and here are many beautiful natural recorces among them you can get imformation abaut ghode paneey tourisam places.
ghodepani tourism place is located in magdi district dhaulagiree zone nepal .it is nearly 300km from kathmandu.
when you start your jorney fron kanhmandu on the way you pass malekhu malekhu is famus for fish you can get diffrent kinds of iteam of fish after pass malekhu gorkha if you want youcan visit manakamana mandir manakamana mandir is famous many national and international tourist visit her . manakamana mandir is on top of hill to rich mana kamana mandir you can go by cabul car and on foot.
after past manakamana yoy rich pokhara in pokhara you can visit many tdourism placeseslike
phewa lake .
mahendra cabe .
dabit fall.
machhapuchhere himal.
etc after visit pokhara you pass 90 kilometer you reach beny [head qyater of megdi] then yoy can go gode pani on foot in hiking pirod you can see many natural resorces after walking 8 hour you con reach ghode pani and engoy winh natural recorces.

Monday, May 31, 2010

tourism placeses in nepal

in nepal here are many tourism placeses among them yoy can get short imformation abaut dhorpatan honting congarvation.
dhorpatan honting congarvation is onley one congarvation in nepal. it is located in baglung district dhaylagiri zone nepal .
dhorpatan honting congarvation is ery popular tourism place in dhorpatan congarvation we can see nearly 250 kinds of birds and other different kinds of animals many national and international tourist visit her every year.
feature of dhorpatan honting congarvation .
-we can see different kinds of birds and animals.
in dhorpatan honting congarvation we can see many kinds of birds and animals which we can not found another country .
we can get enjoy in honting .
many national and international tourist are visit her not for onley for see different kinds of animals and bird thry are visit there for honting .you are also visit and get enjoy in honting.
-from dhorpatan we can see different mountaion like dhaulagiree, annapurna and other moun taion.

Sunday, May 30, 2010

tourism placeses of nepal

nepal is very beauty ful and rich in natural recorces here are many natural recorces among them you con get imformation abaut some natural and artifical tourisam placeses.
mount everest is the highest pick of the world it is locoted in solukhumbu district nepal it is 8848 meter hi admand hilari is the first climber of mount everest from top of mousnt everest we can see great wall of china also .
tilicho lake
tilicho lake is very beautiful and famous lake it is located topest place of world in mugu district nepal many national and inter national turist visit her it help tto incrise nepali econamic.
pheba lake
pheba lake is must famous lake of the world it is located kaski district nepal [pokhara] pokhara is beautiful city in nepal. side of pokhara city we can see pheba lake middele of the pheba lake there are we can see barahai temple when we see barahai temple then we feel wonderful you can get enjoy from their.
debit fall
debit fall is most tourisam place it is located pokhara nepal when we visit their we feel very peace and enjoy.
mahendra cabe
mahendra cabe is another cabe of nepal it is in kaski[pokhara]nepal when yovisit their their is very dark and magic when you go in of this cab yoy feel i come in haben.we can not see son light never.

Saturday, May 29, 2010

tourism in nepal

nepal is reach in natural recorces here are many beautyful and peace places among them here give some importent tourism placeses.
pokhara is popular place it is locaa ted seti zone kaski nere pokhara machhapuchare himal located due time we can see golden machhapuchare himal here are no onley machhlpuchare himal hereare other tourisam placeses here give names of thes placeses
pheba lakel
bagnas lade
baharai temple
mahendra cabe
dabit fales etc.